Here is the recipe of my homemade almond milk, very simple, quick to make, cheap and better for your health than the « organic » milks found in supermarkets.

Through their clever advertising and very nice packaging, manufacturers are very good at making us believe that their products are 100% natural. Unfortunately, they are not as good as they say. I let you discover on the image below, the comparison between industrial almond milk and homemade almond milk.

Of course, nothing new that homemade cooking is highly recommended because you have the control of the ingredients and quantities you use.

The recipe in this short video is very basic : main ingredients are water and almonds. But to make it a little tastier, feel free to add some vanilla and/or 1-2 dattes or 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar/maple syrup. This will be much better than the brown cane sugar that appears as the second main ingredient of industrial milk, before almonds!! Are you kidding me ??

Hereunder video to show you the steps to follow.

Below the quantities and explanations as it is written in French in the video.

– 100 grs of soaked raw almonds

– 500 ml of mineral water

– For sweet version(optional): 1 tsp of coconut sugar/maple syrup or 2 dattes.

– Blend everything in a blender

– Strained the milk in a nut bag or fine mesh strainer.

Et voilà!!