Kale Pesto

I love pasta!! It is one of my favorite comfort food.

Who do not feel nostalgic remembering their childhood and the famous ham, pasta, ketchup prepared by our mummy?

Or during our student life, long evenings with friends in our tiny studios, eating big plates of pasta because it is cheap and easy to cook?

Of course, at that time, the type of pasta I was eating was not my concern: white pastas or whole-grain, gluten-free or not, I did not care.

If you read my article « 5 foods to eliminate from your diet for a healthier lifestyle« , you will learn why I now recommend the consumption of whole-grains carbohydrates.

Here is the recipe of a pesto made with Kale matching perfectly whole-grain/gluten free pasta.  You will never regret again the Spaghetti Pesto from your favorite Italian restaurant. Trust me ☺

 You can also use it as a dressing for roasted vegetables or salads.

Feel free to add more kale into your diet. It is a vegetable belonging to the cabbage family, full of healthy benefits:

– Very low in calories

– Rich in fibers

– Rich in iron (for comparison, it contains more iron than a piece of beef)

– Rich in vitamin K and calcium, which is great for people with lactose intolerance and thus cannot consume dairy products.

– Rich in antioxidants

Pesto de Kale focus


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Enjoy les Girlzz !!