Hello Girlzz !!

How was the week 2 of the Fit Girl challenge ?

For this week, with my favorite nutrition coach Clémence (@ck_health) , we have prepared four exercises to work your abs.

For better results, you can keep doing the exercices for the butt and thighs of the FIT GIRL challenge – week 2

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Here are the explanations and some tips to perform them well.

– Target: abdominal

– Material: yoga mat

– To do: Do each exercises during 50 secondes, take 10 seconds of rest between each exercise and repeat the circuit 3-5 times depending on your level

To do this routine a minimum of 5 times this week for better results.


1) Reverse crunch

Lying on your back, arms along your body. 

Bring your legs straight, almost perpendicular to your trunk, with feet together or crossed.

Contract the abs to curl the hips off the floor, reaching the legs up towards the ceiling.

Lower your hips and repeat.

It’s a very small movement, so try to use your abs to lift your hips rather than swinging your legs and creating momentum.

2) Side step plank

In front plank position, elbows below the shoulders, core engaged, navel in, back straight. Make one step to the right side and one on the left side and bring them back to the center. Repeat.

3) Toes taps

Lie on your back and bend the knees to 90-degree angles. 

Tighten your abs as you lower one foot, tapping the floor. Make sure your back is not arched. Lift the foot back to starting position and repeat to the other side. 

You need to perform slowly this exercise by well controlling each movement

4) Mountain taps

In seated position, legs slightly bent in front of you, lean backwards to a 90 degrees angle Make sure your back is straight, shoulders down and the abdominal muscles contracted. 

The arms are raised in front of you. Reach behind your back with your right hand and then return to the center.

Do the same movement with the left hand.

Good luck!! 🙂