I am so happy !! So many of you took part in the FIT GIRL challenge week 1 last week. Congrats Girlzz, you are the best!

Here are the exercises of the « FIT GIRL challenge week 2 »!

This week, we will focus the training on the butt and thighs. I know that you love this type of exercises, for a toned butt without cellulite. 😉

For the most courageous , I advise you  to keep doing the exercises of the FIT GIRL challenge – week 1 which focus on the abs.

If you are on Instagram, do not forget to share your workouts and feelings, … by using the hashtag #gogirlzzCKchallenge so that I can follow you.


Here are some explanations on how to perform each exercise.

– Target: Butt, thighs

– Equipment: Yoga matt and dumbbells (optional)

– To do: Do each exercise during 50 seconds, take 10 seconds of rest between each exercise and repeat the circuit 3-5 times depending on your level

– Do a this routine a minimum of 5 times this week for better results. If you want to challenge yourself, you can use weights.

1) Squat

Stand with feet shoulders width apart. Inhale and lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Control well the descent.

Exhale, come back to standing position by pushing well throught your heels Make sure to keep your back slightly arched and chest out. Do not round your back and do not lean forward. Keep your knee parallels.

2) Lunges (50 sec for each leg)

Standing, with your legs hip-width apart, your back is straight. Step forward with the left foot and bend your legs until the right knee touches almost the ground. (You should have a 90 degree angle on both leg). Lift your right foot up slightly, so that the toe is in contact with the floor, but your heel is not. As you exhale, straighten up by pushing throught the left heel and bring up your right knee to your chest. Be sure to stay straight and that the knee of the front leg never goes over your toes.

 3) Bridge

Lay down, bent legs, feet spread hips width apart, contracts your perineum and bring your hips up to form a straight line. Make sure to contract well your glutes when you go up and keep your abdominal muscles contracted. Inhale down, exhale when you go up.

4) Sumo Squat and heel raise

Standing, feet are wider than shoulder width apart, feet turned slightly outwards. Breathe in and bring your butt a little lower than the height of your knees. Go up by pushing well through your heels and by contracting the butt. Make sure to keep a slightly arched back and chest out but do not round your back and do not lean forward. While standing, bring your heels up to work your calves.

Do not hesitate to share your questions regarding this challenge in the comments so that I can help you to perform it at the best.

GO GO GO Girlzz!!!